Home Remedies for Your Holidays

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If you are someone who does a lot of traveling where you are sitting for extended periods of time such as traveling by car you may be a good candidate for leg cramps.  These can be quite painful and certainly could put a damper on your holiday.  If you take the time to arm yourself with some simple home remedies on how to treat bothersome ailments you will be glad you did.  I am sure you would rather be out enjoying the sites than laid up in your hotel room due to a leg cramp for example.  Below are some various home remedies for an assortment of ailments that could occur during holidays.  If for example you are visiting the lovely area of Tuscany, Italy you certainly do not want to spend your time laid up in bed in your hotel room missing out on the wonderful sights to be seen!  Prevention is the best medicine but if you do find yourself feeling a bit under the weather then hopefully some of our home remedies can help you get back to seeing the sights and enjoying your holiday to the the fullest.

Leg Cramp:

One thing none of us wants to experience is a leg cramp especially when on holiday; here are a few measures that can be used to stop a leg cramp from spoiling your holiday.

-  if  you are going to be sitting for long periods while traveling perhaps by car make sure to stop along the way and take time to stretch your legs this could help prevent you from a painful leg cramp.  Even when in a plane get up when it is safe to do so just to give your legs a stretch

-  apparently putting a bar of soap down by your feet between the sheets of your bed is a way that can prevent leg cramps; one thing all hotel rooms will offer is a bar of soap

-  avoid eating Bergamot oranges they are grown in France and Italy for commercial use

-  try and stay away from Earl Grey tea as it has Bergamot orange in it's ingredients which has been connected to leg cramps

Losing a few Pounds for Your Holiday:

We all want to look our best when we go on holiday which may involve losing a few pounds to do so.
Here is a few home remedies to help you shed those excess pounds.  You should keep using the remedy of your choice during your holidays as we all tend to over indulge when vacationing

Drink a cup of water with one-forth teaspoon of powdered black pepper, a teaspoon of honey, and 3 teaspoons of lime juice for 3 months before going on holiday

Eat freshly cut onions and tomatoes and lemon juice

have a glass of warm water, honey, and lemon juice every morning

Eat 10 fresh curry leafs in the early morning for 3-4 months

Sore Throat on Vacation:

Sometimes we may find that we are talking and shouting more perhaps for cabs or in nightclubs during our holidays so we may have to give our throats a little home remedy treatment.

Drink hot milk with honey at bedtime for immediate relief from sore throat

A teaspoon of honey will provide relief for a sore throat

Gargle every  hour with salt water or vinegar water

Avoid Stress on Holidays:

Sometimes when we are having so much fun on our holiday we can get stressed out by all the excitement but to help with this here are a few home remedies to keep you going so you can enjoy your holiday stress free!

There is various seeds that are highly beneficial in the treatment of stress such as pumpkin, sunflower, and alfalfa seeds

Chewing tulsi leafs through out the day can help in treating stress


Whether you are on vacation or not you should always try and look after you health; but if you are not  well during your holiday it can make the difference between a great vacation to one that was miserable.  The great thing is if you take some home remedies for ailments you won't have to worry about getting prescriptions when you are in foreign lands.  These remedies are all natural products most of which you will be able to find at a local market.  Like I have said before it is better to be safe than sorry.  May you have a safe trip with no aches and pains accompanying you but instead joy and total satisfaction.

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