Insider Tips When Visiting Prague

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Insider tips
  • Prioritize the historical hotels when staying in Prague. In this city the phrase «a room is just a room» is absolutely not valid.
  • Try having your meals outside the main tourist trails. Staroceska Krcma in Dejvica or Restaurant Kabinet in Žižkov and U Kroka in Vyšehrad are different types of a more local authentic experience.
  • Want to meet the locals but still be a bit international? Try one of the student pubs in Prague. A typical Prague pub near the dormitory of the international students is the Restaurace Juve in Žižkov. You will not find much cheaper beer in Prague neither.
  • The nice shopping malls in Flora and Anděl often have lower prices than the centers/shops in and around the city center.
  • If you like themed walks, there are plenty of those in Prague. Ask your hotel for good deals.
  • The Czechs love their beer, and so should you. To try the great diversity of Czech beers, start out at Pivovarský Klub or Pivovarský dům.
  • Remember that the numbers attached to Czech beer do not refer to alcohol content but to a «degrees figure». This again represents the amount of malt being used in the brewing process, meaning a higher number usually means a fuller flavor.
  • In for a quiet night with a good movie? Pamper yourself in comfortable chairs at the brilliant Gold Class cinema in Anděl, where bar service and snacks are available throughout the movie.
  • The niche museums, Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments and Sex Machines Museum, will give you a (not always pleasant) insight in the human mind.
  • Feeling like an Olympian? Try the bobsleigh track in Prosek outside Prague.
  • Always remember to validate your transport ticket. There are many ticket controllers and they are not wearing uniforms, so you will not see them before they are standing before you.
  • Try visiting Prague in the shoulder seasons (April, September, and October) and get good deals and at the same time avoiding the main crowds.
  • Wondering what is on in Prague when visiting. Check out
If you haven't "plunged" into the city yet, we also have some impressions for your visit to get inspired ;-).

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