Roaming and Cooking During Your Travels

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One of the Most Popular Activities While Traveling:

One of the top ten activities while traveling is to take a cooking class in the country you are visiting.  What better way to really get to know the people and their culture than by learning to cook their national cuisine.  Not to say it would also be a great way to meet the locals and really get a more real feel of the community that you are amongst.  Perhaps even learning some great recipes that you can take with you to enjoy over and over again once you have returned home.  Each time you cook that dish it will remind you of the wonderful time you had at your cooking class during your holidays.  Memories of your trip will come flooding back al kicked in by the aroma of that special holiday dish!

Cooking Dishes from Around the World:

If traveling is something you do a great deal then you should consider taking a cooking class in the different countries that you visit. Perhaps you will be able to collect a vast array of recipes from around the world.  Each time you have a craving for exotic dishes you might be able to make them yourself if you take some cooking classes.  If you are someone who stays at establishments where you have access to a kitchen then you too could benefit greatly from taking a cooking class in the area you are visiting.  This will allow you to really experience the culture through learning how to prepare local food dishes.  As you travel you will probably notice differences in food preparation form area to area some perhaps more spicier than others.

Connecting through the Art of Cooking:

This is a wonderful way to bridge the culture gaps you may experience while traveling you can enjoy the common ground of 'food glorious food' anywhere you choose to travel in the world.  If you are someone like myself that enjoys writing perhaps you could write a cookbook based on all the cooking classes you took in various countries during your travels.  It could be a personal traveling cookbook of sorts.  It would share your cooking stories and adventures which would make good reading I am sure.  I know I myself enjoy hearing the stories of travelers experiences and I am sure many others would too.  Of course on the other hand you may be a traveler that has no interest in writing a cookbook but would be interested in taking some cooking classes during your travels. 

Bringing a Taste of Your Travels Home:

What a great way to share your travels with friends and family by cooking them a lovely meal that you learned how to prepare while on holiday.  They will be able to taste the flavor of the land that you traveled to while enjoying a dinner cooked by you accompanied with your tales of your travels.  Your loved ones will feast on the local fare from afar while delighting in your great stories from far away shores.  Somehow they won't seem so far when they are getting a connection to the lands you have traveled through your amazing foreign cooking!

Checking Out Cooking Classes:

If for example you are going to France for a holiday you should try and learn to cook some wonderful French cuisine while you are there.  Two great cooking schools in Paris that give cooking lessons to travelers are
1) Le Cordon Bleu Paris Cooking Class (also available in other cities) and
2) Cook'n with Class.
Happy travels and happy roaming cooking while you travel!

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