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With crispy-hotels.com you can compare prices of various accommodation booking platforms worldwide and find local hotels at discounted rates anywhere you go. We have a broad access to different hotel search engine networks. They provide us with data and functionality. We enable you to search for hotels - completely free of charge.

Terms of Use

Although the use of our hotel search platform is free of charge, the user is obliged not to misuse it or violate against the law. The user commits to omit all actions which might endanger or restrain the availability of the provided services. Any copies, duplicates as well as the reproduction of the contents on other websites is forbidden as well as any automated processing of the provided data, commercial use or extract of local hotel deals. This implies that the use of the websites is only allowed for individual, non-commercial use.

Limitation of Liability

Some contents, like search masks or search results, as well as the related information and links, are based on third party data. We aim to offer you find a hotel room at best prices and have the latest information on hotel room availability at hand but we finally cannot guarantee the final booking availability. For the accuracy, quality, integrity, validity or reliability of this data cannot be taken any responsibility. Any liability for damages caused in this respect is excluded. Liability for permanent technical availability, technical interruptions or force majeure risk is excluded as well. crispy-hotels.com is by no means acting as intermediary or agent of a third party nor on behalf of a third party. Any liabilities or claims derived from contracts with external providers or booking platforms are excluded accordingly.

Our websites content is protected by intellectual property rights. Trademarks, brands or brand names belong to their relevant owners. We are not obliged to supervise the transmitted and supplied information neither to prove their legitimacy.

Privacy Policy

The use of our website(s) is explicitly on a voluntary basis. For the purpose of use of the websites and hotel search to find room deals, we do not record personalised data, except in that form, that crispy-hotels.com as well as connected search-network providers can retrieve data transmitted by the user's web browser and is able to anonymously use it for statistical purposes.

As third parties might have the technical ability to access those data or might be able to monitor the communication channel, no liability can be given for the data transmitted by the user by using the internet nor for the data stored on the web servers. The data communication is not secured. However, crispy-hotels.com takes care for its safety wherever possible. Crispy-Hotels.com deals are not tracked by us, meaning that we do record ourselves if you have made a booking or not.

The misuse of contact information of the imprint/terms and condition by sending unnecessary, not requested information or commercial advertisements is explicitly prohibited.

Partner Sites

Please check out partner sites of our hotel booking engine as well (to come).

Applicable Law

These terms and conditions apply for the use of all services of crispy-hotels.com. We reserve the right to be able to modify these terms and conditions at any time. These terms and conditions are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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