Where to Stay in Rome: What Type of Traveler Are You?

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Trevi Fountain- photo courtesy of telegraph.co.uk 

Rome, also known as the eternal city, is a dynamic metropolis filled with remarkable ancient sights, delicious restaurants, bustling café’s, camera carrying tourists and a wide variety of places to stay. With hostels, guesthouses, and hotels tucked in almost every corner of this beautiful city, where you decide to stay depends on what kind of traveler you are. What type are you?

Tight budget single traveler

While accommodation in the eternal city is not cheap, especially in the spring and summer months, hostels in Rome are the best option for a traveler on a small budget. The first thing you need to do is throw out the misconception that only 20 year olds can stay at hostels. It is true that some places like Dreaming Rome are youth party hostels, but there are plenty of options like Mr. Rome that cater to all ages. You can also browse all hostels and guest houses in Rome. There are also a few hostels that cater to your sexual identity like the Nika Hostel or that are for females only. Whatever your affiliation or age group, you’ll be happy to know that most hostels are centrally located near Rome’s main train station, Termini. Hostels offer different room sizes so depending on your budget, you can spend a few Euros a day and sleep in a 12-18 people dorm or shell out a bit more cash to have a twin or a private room, all for less than you would pay at a hotel.

The best part about staying at any hostel is the atmosphere—travelers meet, explore together, and become friends over the course of their stay. If you are traveling alone and like being social then hostels are the way to go. Even if you are traveling with a partner, meet new friends over breakfast, it’s usually included in the price of your stay!

* Extra tip—don’t fall victim to stories you hear about getting robbed in hostels. Just be smart and keep the important stuff (passports, credit cards) with you at all times. If you want added security, bring a lock for your luggage so your valuables can stay secure while you go out and explore with your new friends.

Romantic Lovebirds   

A stay at a bed and breakfast/guesthouse is perfect for couples seeking a relaxing hideaway in lively Rome. Guesthouses like Maison de Julie and Serendipity Hostel are great options because they are located near Termini and offer a genuine Roman experience. Unlike large hotel chains, guesthouses are more intimate, generally more budget friendly and usually include a traditional breakfast and a quiet terrace to enjoy the evening sun. Additionally, guesthouses are an upgrade from the usual hostel because each room includes a private bathroom, no need to wait in line for the shower!

Family vacationer

If you are traveling with your spouse and a few kids, party hostels are definitely not the best option. Guesthouses like Rose Santamaria located in quiet but central Santamaria Maggiore may work well, but hotels that include sofa beds, junior suites, or are apartment style may be even better options. Hotels like Albergo del Senato combine an amazing location near the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain, with great amenities for children at a reasonable price. If your budget allows for a bit more luxury, the Palazzo Manfredi showcases stunning views of the Colosseum and comfortably accommodates a family of four. Craving a spontaneous night out without the children? Don’t worry, the Palazzo even offers a babysitting service.

Luxury Jetsetter

For travelers with no budget constraints, Rome offers plenty of lavish hotel options. Here is a list of all luxury hotels. You can find spectacular properties like the Prime Hotel Principe Torlonia in elegant Villa Borghese and the St. George Hotel near Vatican City which has amenities that include a bubbling Turkish bath. For you, the sky is the limit. We also have some special picks for you if you visit Rome at Easter.

Knowing your budget and needs as a traveler is most important when deciding what type of accommodation is right for you. Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to use the tools above to find the best place where to stay in Rome, the eternal city.

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