Main Districts to Stay and Discover Prague

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Where to stay as a visitor in Prague? We definitely recommend staying in Prague's city centre as you can easily walk around. A hotel in the centre of Prague allows you to discover all the famous spots on foot. The city centre is mainly divided into four areas which you should consider for your stay and which lie right next to each other making it easy to stroll around:

We give you an idea of the character of those districts below. All of them have their own history, charm and a unique atmosphere.

If you are thinking of going or if you decided already to stay in Prague the first time, our Golden Prague - A Fairy Tale story will give you some inspirations and further guidance.

If you like to visit Prague more than once, we recommend that you stay in a different part of the city every time as you will experience Prague in a new way depending on where you stay.

If you know the city centre already, maybe one of the newer areas around Anděl are interesting for you as well, especially if you are more into shopping and trendy bars/cafés although it is a 5-10 minute tram ride from downtown.

Here are the best areas for your stay in prague:

Hradčany and Lesser Town (Hotels around Prague's Castle)

Prague, Czech Republic
St. Vitus Cathedral, Source: Flickr "Nigel"

Maybe Prague’s biggest attraction (both in popularity and in size) is the Prague Castle, which along with many other attractions also consists of the St. Vitus Cathedral. A trip to the Prague Castle to see most sights and not at least to enjoy the beautiful views of the city should be obligatory on any visit. On your way back down the steep but nice streets, you will end up at the foot of the Charles Bridge, which takes you towards the Old Town. But before you cross the bridge you might also consider the Petřín funicular and the Petřín Lookout Tower a bit higher on the hill next to the castle as well as the baroque style Church of St. Nicholas. The latter is also a nice place to experience a great classical concert.

Hotels in the Old Town / Josefov

Street in Josefov, Flickr "Valerio Pillar"

For many visitors often referred to as the heart of Prague, this is the area where you find a lot of the historical attractions, but also most of the tourist traps as well as various kinds of hotels (prices for food and beverage can be as much as 10 times as expensive compared to the less touristy areas). In Josefov (also known as the Jewish quarter), you will among other attractions find Franz Kafka’s birthplace, the Jewish Town Hall and the Spanish Synagogue.

The Astronomical Clock
Clock Tower, "Zach Beauvais"

In the Old Town, you have to experience the Astronomical Clock at the top of every hour, but beware. When you are looking up, the pickpockets are looking at your pockets. Also, visit the Powder Tower and Municipal House. The Church of Our Lady before Týn is also beautiful, but maybe even more so during the night when looking at it makes you feel that you’re part of a Harry Potter movie (there's a legend that the church was Walt Disney’s inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle)

New Town Hotels

Wenceslas Square - Looking From the National Museum
Wenceslas Square, Flickr "Alistair Young"

The busiest place in the Nové město area is the Wenceslas Square. At the top of the square you will find the National Museum and on the actual square and around it many shopping opportunities. This area around the Wencelas Square also consists of many sport bars for those wanting to catch the game when on holiday.

The National Theatre and the Fred & Ginger building (known as the dancing house) is also worth a visit. A lot of the bigger clubs and discos can also be found in this part of town for those wanting a night out, but maybe not the ones most frequented by the locals

Find a place to stay in Vinohrady and Žižkov

Žižkov Television Tower
TV Tower, "Per Bolmstedt"

If you want to experience another great view of the city (maybe even better than the one you get from the Prague castle), try visiting the Žižkov Television Tower. At the top of the tower on a clear day, your eyes are your only restriction to how far you can look.

Let's try some Czech beer
Some Czech Beer, Flickr "Erwan Martin"
The tower itself with the sculptures of crawling babies is also a nice photo opportunity.

On your way back down from the tower visit one of the many beer gardens for a cold refreshment. The Roman Catholic Sacred Heart Church at George and the neo-Gothic Church of St.Ludmila are also attractions worth seeing.

Which area ist the best for my stay in Prague?

This question is not easy to answer as every district has its own flair, character and tradition. Have a look at the descriptions above and decide yourself, which part of the city is most appealing to you. You can easiyl find a hotel when you click on the headline of each of the four areas above. If you are not sure, do not worry as all the abovementioned parts of the city lie next to each other. When you have choosen a place to stay in these areas, all the other parts of town are within walking distance. If you are unsure which district to choose or if you just look for a good hotel deal, you can also just browse all hotels in Prague's city centre and pick the one you like the most. Make sure to check the map for the location.

If you have further recommendations where to stay in Prague, please leave a comment and let us know!

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